Our (almost) Daily Walks

©bjbowen photography

©bjbowen photography

Almost every day, Blossom rushes in the door from work, runs us out to “do our business,” changes super-human fast out of her fancy clothes into sneakers and some workout clothes, rushes me back into the car and we drive 15 minutes to this amazing place, Bent Creek.

I love muuuuuuuuud!

I love muuuuuuuuud!

Miles can’t come right now because a few weeks ago, he got his crazy-eye on and started full throttle running blindly through the woods in hot pursuit of some furry creature. That night he could barely walk. So, Blossom took him to Dr. Bolt at the Sweeten Creek Animal Hospital the next day.

Everyone suspects he may have torn his ACL. I don’t know what that is, but, he can’t run for 4 to 8 weeks. He was kenneled for one week and he couldn’t understand why he was being punished. His sad eyes eventually got to Blossom and she decided that instead of kenneling him, she would give him his very own bedroom when she’s at work.

I think he likes this arrangement better than the kennel, but, I can’t make him understand why he has to be separated. But, we miss playing with each other. Bent Creek

I also want to add that every day he gets a fresh butcher bone.

I do not.

But, all of that to explain why Miles isn’t in any of these pictures.

Ears on top of my head, tongue hanging completely out of my head, tail wagging... yep, I'm having a blast.

Ears on top of my head, tongue hanging completely out of my head, tail wagging… yep, I’m having a blast.

I love mud. REALLY love the stuff. I don’t think I ever knew this before. But, I discovered it the other day when we were walking and … holy guacamole! it’s fun stuff.

This place is just so much fun. There are so many smells and most of the time, we don’t see anyone.

Blossom lets me run off leash and let me tell you: I am building some serious muscles. She walks about 3 miles, I run about 10. There is nothing more exciting than running through the woods leaping like a deer.

So, that’s all for today. I hope you all are having a really fabulous day and that you find a patch of woods to fill your soul soon.

Love to all my fans – Fetch

I'm a very good boy.

I’m a very good boy.

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