About Fetch


My name is Fetch. I’m a pretty cool dude. So cool, in fact that they named a website after me: Fetch•Rx.

I have another blog called Fetch to the Rescue where I highlight animals that need homes and non-profits that help animals in need. It’s a great way to share information about animals and get them placed in a home.

I know what it’s like to be homeless. My owner, Blossom, found my brother and I when we were about a month old beside a rural road near Lake James in North Carolina. I was starving and eating poop. She found a good home for my brother and kept me. What can I say? I knew the minute she pulled me up into her lap that I had her right where I wanted her. Maybe it was my sparkling green eyes?


It took me a long, long time to drop the poop-eating habit, but, Blossom was patient and has taught me all kinds of really cool things. My favorite trick is when Blossom asks me, “Where’s Fetch?” and I stand up on my hind legs and raise my front paws.

I have been told that I am a Vizsla/German Shepherd/Monkey mix. I am about 1 1/2 years old and I can run like the wind.


10 thoughts on “About Fetch

  1. My Hannah eats poop too. She probably picked that up at the puppy mill. She’s getting much better, but it’s so sad to think that they had to do it to survive. Ugh! Great blog. I’m just learning. Fetch is beautiful!

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