Check out my Rescue Blog!!


Hey all my Fans… So, since today I’m just chilling around the house while Blossom is out running errands, I thought that today would be a good day to remind you guys of my other blog: Fetch to the Rescue!

It’s a blog where I highlight various animals in rescues across the US that need good homes.

Please check it out. It’s a great blog with many great animals that need good homes! Actually, the above pic is a pic of Janie from the Asheville Humane Society who was featured on the blog yesterday.. You can be a lifesaver for one of these animals!

Thanks to all my Fans for checking it out – Fetch

Fetch is the mascot of an online pet pharmacy.

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For the latest in pet news, LIKE us on Facebook. Our latest post was this week’s pet food recalls.


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