This dog loves the water, not sure about the kayak

fetch-kayakYesterday, Blossom came home from work, grabbed my leash and we headed to Lake Julian Park again. I was excited because I really love the water, but, once I saw her sit in the kayak, my suspicions were raised.

oy. Fooled again.

This time, she put a blanket in the bottom of the kayak and, well, honestly, I love that blanket, so, I got in. I didn’t exactly “jump” in… I was hesitant, but, that’s my blanky and nothing says “comfort” quite like your favorite blanket.

I was pretty nervous about things floating in the water, that evil paddle, and even sometimes just the movement of the kayak. But, after a while, things seemed to be okay.

Blossom sat in the kayak with me at the landing, barely floating for over an hour petting me, loving me, scratching me and telling me that I’m a good boy. I have to say that she (and my blanket) helped me relax enough to even yawn a few times.

Sitting there for so long was getting pretty boring.

So, she pushed off.

AND… well, everything was fine. Just fine. I was still a little nervous. BUT, I would forget that I was nervous and everything would be fine again.

Fetch stares at the car longingly.

Fetch stares at the car longingly.

She pushed off and we went out about 20 feet and then turned around. Then we pushed off again this time around 30 feet from the landing, then about 50 feet… then we just floated out in the water for a while.

Then eventually, we actually left and went around the paddle boats, there were some people fishing on a pier, and we came up on some geese and ducks.

Now, THAT was cool. We were probably only out about 20 minutes, but, I felt much about the whole thing when it was over.

Next time she wants me to get in the kayak, I might get nervous all over again. But, fortunately, she is patient.

Love to all my fans — Fetch


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