Yoda found a home!

yoda2When we were in Eastern NC visiting Blossom’s cousin, PJ I had a chance to hang out with a smart little chap, Yoda.

Blossom had been to the Moratoc Humane Society’s Adoption Day on Saturday because her niece is the Director.

She had parked pretty far away from the kennels, yet, when she stepped out of her car, she immediately heard one puppy barking frantically. When she made her way over to the adoption area, she went straight to that little pup and asked her niece if she could take him to PJ’s house and let him get some energy out. Come to find out, he has been staying at the local vet’s office and has been kenneled for 4 weeks now.yoda

He really needed to run.

So, she took him back with her to meet me, Ally and Miles.

We ran and ran in the back yard. He was a feisty little thing and I accidentally ran right over him a few times. Each time, he bounded back up and was ready for more.

PJ is a fantastic photographer and spent most of the afternoon taking lots of photos of him hoping they will help him find a forever home.

He did. Just a few days after the post went on Facebook, Yoda now has a home.

I’m so glad for him and his new family. He is such a cool little guy.


Love to all my fans –– Fetch

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