What to do on a rainy day


oh, I’ve been looking out the window all day. It’s cold and gray and rainy. What is going on?

It’s Spring.toad_flower

No. It’s not Spring.

It’s Spring.

No. It’s not Spring.

The only thing to do on a day like this is take a trip down memory lane to days of sunshine and fun.

Toad and Ally playing ball.Last weekend, Blossom loaded us up in the car and we headed out on a very long road trip to Eastern North Carolina to visit her cousin, PJ.

When the Blossom finally announced, “We’re here!” and got us out of the car, my heart nearly burst with joy. PJ’s house is like Disney land. It’s my favorite place.

Ally Chases toadPJ belongs to a strange little dog named Ally. I love her so much, but, she always keeps me at arms length. Sure, she will chase and chase, but the minute I want to get close to her, she runs away. I can tell she likes me by the way she wags her little tail so fast whenever I’m around.

Except when PJ is playing ball with her. She made it crystal clear that I am NOT to interfere.

toad_ballThis ball is my favorite thing in the whole universe.

At PJ’s house, we ran and played and went for a bike ride and ran in and out of the house as often as possible.

We showed PJ how smart we are. This is Miles showing off his yoga moves.


high_tenThis is me showing off my high-five.

toad_faceIt’s always fun at PJ’s house and I never want to leave — especially the ball.

Much love to my fans,

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