Help me out, here… I’m begging

filmstripToday, Blossom left her phone at home when she went to work and I wanted to practice begging because I really, really want an Extreme Kong Flyer. I found one online that is 55% off for $6.50!

If I look pitiful enough, surely she’ll buy me one, right?

So, here’s the plan: We’ll put the best shot as a background on her phone and leave the page open on her laptop and hopefully, she’ll put two and two together and I’ll have a my Kong Flyer in a few days.

(Sometimes she doesn’t get the hints I leave around, but, every once in a while, she does.)

Turns out, Miles is a terrible photographer.

He says that I just can’t understand how difficult photography is. But, I held the pose forever and by the time he snapped the shot, I was falling over, every time. Sometimes, he didn’t even get my head in the shot! There was this one shot that was in sharp focus, but, it was of my family jewels, and I’m NOT posting that one.

If Miles thinks being a photographer is hard, he has NO idea what being a model is like. To prepare, I called up my buddy, Marcus Schenkenberg, and asked for some pointers. (I’d share his top-secret pointers, but, then I’d have to kill ya.)


Nailed it! Didn’t I?

Regardless of how sexy I am, this is not the begging pose that I was going for. I know I look a lot like Marcus here, but, I also closely resemble a prairie dog. While those little things are definitely cute, Blossom won’t get the message that I’m asking for something. No. She’ll just think I’m doing another one of my many impersonations, then she’ll giggle, give me a treat and go back to cooking.

Is there any way that you could help persuade Blossom to get me that dang flyer? It’s only $6.50!

Gotta go, Calvin Klein is calling.

Much love to my fans,



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