Miles is a hairy beast!


It’s true. Miles has more hair than a pig has smell.

Let’s try again. Miles has more hair than rice has white.

hmm. I’m not sure you’re getting the picture. Miles has more hair than Blossom’s hippie friends.

Ok, one more try: Miles has more hair than Robin Williams.

Blossom says that he’s part orangutan and Belgian Shepherd. I’m not sure which is responsible for the colossal amounts of long, wiry hair, but I read this morning that Belgian Shepherds shed several times a year.

Last night, as she pulled tufts and tufts into a big ball on the floor, I overheard her say that she would get a furminator today.

Well, that made my ears perk.

Anything that rhymes with exterminator is going to get me (and Miles) on high alert, so, as soon as she left for work this morning, I grabbed her leftover coffee and got online to do a little research.

Miles was pacing, so I made him go into the other room and lie down.

Once he settled down and I could concentrate, with a few google searches, I found this strange looking brush-type thing.

“Oh, it’s just a brush!” I yelled to Miles.

Miles groaned, reminding me how much he hates being groomed.

He’s a nice guy, so, he tolerates it, but, afterward, he sulks forever. He says that it really, really hurts when his hair gets pulled and maybe he is telling the truth, but, I know him and he’s the kind of dog that prefers not to get his feet muddy – prefers walking on cement, not grass.

Soooooo. There’s that.

He’s… uhmm… well… how do I say this? — He’s sensitive.

This brushing tool has a special blade that helps remove the undercoat and is designed to not pull. I found a medium FURminator on sale for $31.44 and left that page open on her laptop. Most other websites had them for $40 – $60.

furminatormediumWhen she comes home, she’ll be so pleased, but, she’ll think that she must have found this website while ‘sleep-surfing’. I wish I could tell her that I did it, I know she’d be proud.

But, my glory days would be short-lived and soon she’d be asking me to do the dishes.

Stay tuned and we’ll all see how well Miles handles being groomed with this FURminator thing.


with love to my fans,

– Fetch

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