While mom’s at work


©bjbowen photography 2013

So, my mom is at work. What do I do when she’s at work you ask?

Well, today, I’m playing on the computer and napping. Some days, I invite buddies over to play cards. I think there’s a pretty famous photo of that floating around the internet.

It’s been raining for 3 days straight, so, I’m considering building an ark, but, I know the neighbors will complain about the noise.

Meanwhile, I decided to share the photo of Miles and I. Don’t you want to come on a walk with us?

I’m also dreaming about a new frisbee. I’ve had 4 frisbees, the ones that are made of cloth, and I destroyed them all! I don’t know why, but, I love playing tug with Miles with a frisbee more than with a rope. I just can’t help myself!

My mom threw the last frisbee away when we were at the dog beach in San Diego. It was only a ring with loose strands of material flopping and wouldn’t fly any more. She told me that she wouldn’t get me another one. I am so bummed about that.

So, I was surfing the internet this morning and I found these Easy Gliders®! Frisbees

I don’t think I can destroy these. Do you?

Supposedly, these are designed so that no matter how bad Blossom is at throwing, they will go in a straight line. Also, they are supposed to fly slow enough that I have a better chance at catching them. I’m pretty good, but, sometimes, I’m so happy, that I jump instead of run and then I realize that I can’t get to the frisbee before it lands. Oh man, I hate when that happens.

I’ll show these to her when she comes home.

She’ll be home for lunch soon, so, I better get more napping in!


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