Rainy morning walk


ohhhhh… it’s raining this morning. It’s not pouring, rather just a notch above misting. There are actual droplets, but, nothing bothersome enough to ruin a great walk.

My brother, Miles doesn’t like to get his feet wet. He’s the daintiest of all of us.

Mom didn’t even bring an umbrella.

I love the way rain charges all the scents in the grass and piles of leaves. My nose extracts every inhaled detail.

After our walk, mom gave us a butcher bone, the raw ones from the meat department. Cooked bones are more likely to splinter and cause problems, so, my mom avoids them. These bones are fantastic. Straight out of the freezer, they are like a meat popsicle. Delicious! When I’m done with mine, I’ll go stare at Miles for a while until he gives me his.

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